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                                                  Provide healthy chemical products for human.

                                                  Health Logo:
                                                  Company logo’s main color is blue. Main shape is circle. On behalf of Health service for our blue homeland-earth. Yellow represents wealth, prosperity and health in China, Symbolizing the core mission of Health is serve for all human’s health. Also whole represents Chinese core philosophy ideology: overall circle inner square, the significance for Health made our due contributions to global harmony and human peace.

                                                  Health’s mission: Provide health chemicals for human.
                                                  Health’s purpose: Serve for human’s health by soul.
                                                  Health’s culture: Let human realize their dreams happily.

                                                  Taian Health Chemical Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise engaging in the research, development and manufacture of chemicals. We are mainstay industries exporting company belong to holding group. Our group company is the most powerful industrial development company in China. Our group owns a product research and development center - Health chemical research and development center, have strategic cooperative relations with the domestic first-class colleges, universities and research institutions, with more than 100 scientific research personnel and five wholly-owned holding production factory, Our company has set up a good enterprise management system by correct market positioning and advanced management concepts and won the recognition of numerous customers with trust.

                                                  We mainly exports organic chemicals and inorganic chemicals such as iron powder, Basic zirconium carbonate, PAC, dimethyl sulfoxide, paraformaldehyde, iron oxide and etc. Products are widely used in paint, coating industry, rubber industry, water treatment industry and feed industry, etc.

                                                  Truth, healthy, green, science, Health Chemical Serve for human’s health by soul.