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                                                Factory Price ISO Certified Top Quality 99% Sulfolane 126-33-0 selling hot


                                                Tetramethylene sulfone  (Cas no:126-33-0) made in China:


                                                  Chemical Property of Sulfolane
                                                Sulfolane is a colorless and tasteless soild at room temperature, melted at 27.8°C.The most industrial products are colourless and light yellow liquid. Sulfolane has high solubility property and selectivity.Sulfolane is solubled in water with arbitrary ratio,also solubled in aromatics and alcohol easily,but solubled in paraffin and olefin hydrcarbon little.Sulfolane has high stability with hot acid and alkali.It doen’s react with acid,alkali, sulfur,alcohol at room temperature,also doen’s decompose and polymerize.When the temperature is higher than 240°C, the sulfolane will decompose SO2.Sulfolane has stable chemical property,it will not appear polyreaction and decomposition under common condition with the existence of acid and alkali.
                                                high purity, consistent supply, competitive price


                                                Tetramethylene sulfone, oil gas chemical


                                                Physical chemical properties.


                                                Physical State: Liquid

                                                Appearance: clear, colorless

                                                Odor: odorless

                                                pH: Not available.

                                                Vapor Pressure: 14.5 mmHg @ 150

                                                Vapor Density: Not available.

                                                Evaporation Rate:Not available.

                                                Viscosity: 10.34 cP 30C

                                                Boiling Point: 282-288C

                                                Freezing/Melting Point:27.4 deg C

                                                Decomposition Temperature:220 deg C

                                                Solubility: Competely miscible with water

                                                Specific Gravity/Density: 1.2610

                                                Molecular Formula:C4H8O2S

                                                Molecular Weight:120.1148


                                                Quality Index

                                                Analyse Method


                                                colorless or canary lucid liquid


                                                Density(30°C) kg/m3


                                                ASTM  D  4052

                                                5%Distil of temperature °C


                                                ASTM  D  1078

                                                95% Distil of temperature °C


                                                Thermal stability  mgSO2/kg


                                                UOP 599

                                                Moisture   %(m/m)


                                                UOP 481

                                                Sulfur Content  %(m/m)


                                                ASTM D 1078

                                                2-Sulfolene   %(m/m)


                                                UOP  608

                                                Isopropyl sulfolane eather %(m/m)


                                                UOP  608

                                                Ash content  %(m/m)


                                                ASTM  D  482



                                                Applications of sulfolane:

                                                Sulfolane has high dissoplving property and selectivity,so it is suitable for petrochemical industry.It is widely used as excellent solvent for aromatic extraction and removing sulphur from natural gas.Sulfolane is a multi-effective solvent with high purity and high boiling point,so it is suitable for chemical industry .This solvent can be used for the halogenate,methylization,organic synthesis,condensation and polymerization reaction in the field of pharmaceutical chemicals,agricltural chemicals,dyestuff,perfume,special industrial plastic and some other chemicals.

                                                  Safety property of sulfolane:
                                                This products is a material with low poison.Poisonousness going acutely through the mouth of a big mouse is:LD50>1900mg/kg.According to the International Ocean Shiping Dangerous Cargo Regulation,Sulfolane is not dangerous commodity and there is not pollution to ocean,so it can be transported as common commodity.

                                                  Package and tranportaion:
                                                The package is 200L new galvanized drum.The net weight of sulfolane filled in one drum is 250KG,we fill nitrogen before closing the package.
                                                It can be transported by automobile,container or ISO tank.

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